S t o r y


J e a n  P h i l i p p e J o l y  spectacles was inspired by a passion to create something that is distinct and unique.

A long time veteran of the industry, Jean Philippe Joly started his way in the optical business in his native Paris in 1999.

Living his life in his hometown of timeless chic, he found a deep interest in creation, invention, attraction for details, association of colors and volumes, art, and elegance …

Inspired by the culture in his personal and professional life, the designer began to draw and create different prototypes on his small workshop.


M a t e r i a l


The choice of the best acetates coming from the old house Mazzucchelli and the highest standards yet traditional manufacturing methods resulted in a refined and superior product of uncompromising quality that we are proud to be able to bring exclusively to the finest boutiques around the world .


H a n d c r a f t e d


The decision to manufacture our glasses in Italy came about after a long and careful research for the best quality offered by highly trained and experienced manufacturers that still follow the traditional artful craft of handmade glasses.


C o m f o r t


My vision is to bring to each one a product that is best suited for their facial features, and to personally tailor a seemingly quotidian item an accessory that perfectly fits them.